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Re: [K12OSN] access to samba shares from winxp

debbie redeemer qld edu au wrote:

WinXP Pro or Home? Apparently XP Home has issues with networking. We have a few XP Home workstations that are going to be downgraded to Windows98 over the holidays because I can't get them to play with Samba. And I don't think we can afford the upgrade to XP Pro.

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

Dear Folks,
 non-public Samba shares on K12 4.1.x servers can be accessed with no
problems from win2k, but are not accessible from winxp. That is, the
computer is found, but the login never happens. The registry entries are
set for cleartext passwords. What am I missing? julius

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Hi Debbie,

Instead of "downgrading" them to Win .. anything ... why not upgrade to K12LTSP thin client system and use them as thin-client to access a W2K server via rdesktop or vnc ?
Win 9x may not be any better "playing" in a network, whereas linux thin-client will happily preform.
If you need more info or layout details, just write back, we have a great bunch of people who'll be delighted to help... :-)


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