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Re: [K12OSN] MAP Testing through the NWEA (Measures of Academic Progress)

Rita Gibson wrote:

Just wondering if anyone out there has experience with setting up this testing system on their k12ltsp network. Our school wants to participate in this as part of the data collection efforts of the Small Schools Initiative. I received an email from our director asking me to see if our "network" is ready for this by reviewing the details at:


We are not actually a school in a district, but a self-contained school that is affiliated with five surrounding school districts. As I am reading through this, the says "must be installed on a Windows-based computer that can be accessed from anywhere in the district", and then later on "The Test Administration Application must be installed on a windows-based computer with IE 5.01 or higher".


Our school gives a version of the MAP testing for statewide mandated testing (Idaho Standards Achievement Test --ISAT) The TAA really does require IE, but that can (and should) be run from a staff computer. There is a actual client application which does require windows (or Mac)for the testing, in our case I haven't had time to try and get it working with wine, so I don't know if that is possible.

In our case, the client application and all test data is stored on our K12LTSP server and and accessed via samba from windows machines. (our thin client lab dual boots windows)

There may be a case to be made in Idaho for a linux port, because it is state mandated testing, so in a way they are requiring us to use windows or mac because the state is trying to get everyone off of the paper version of the test.

I would be intersted in any additional information you discover,

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