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Re: [K12OSN] access to samba shares from winxp

norbert wrote:

> debbie redeemer qld edu au wrote:
>> WinXP Pro or Home? Apparently XP Home has issues with networking. We have a few XP Home workstations that are going to be downgraded to Windows98 over the holidays because I can't get them to play with Samba. And I don't think we can afford the upgrade to XP Pro.
> Hi Debbie,
> Instead of "downgrading" them to Win .. anything ... why not upgrade to K12LTSP thin client system and use them as thin-client to access a W2K server via rdesktop or vnc ?
> Win 9x may not be any better "playing" in a network, whereas linux thin-client will happily preform.
> If you need more info or layout details, just write back, we have a great bunch of people who'll be delighted to help... :-)
> norbert
Hi Norbert,

We don't have a W2K server - our very first, one and only, is a K12ltsp sever! Unfortunately it is k12 4.0.1 because of the scsi raid issue (see '[K12OSN] Woe is me: Onboard SCSI/RAID Controller' message back in October). But I have got it running and plan to have a one year trial of 14 dual-booting PCs.

In windows 98 mode (pressing 'Esc' while booting to escape the network boot) students have firefox & openoffice and access to 'shared files on Frederick' via samba (I've named our k12 server Fred) - just the basics cos we don't want to encourage them do we?!

And then in k12ltsp client mode with icewm they'll get all the yummy goodies plus their own desktop & files.

We have to run windows & k12 side by side because of legacy apps that need windows to run; the kind of app that needs to run off the CDrom and the kind that has no linux alternative. I'm hoping that kids will like k12 and use it most of the time, switching only to windows when they need to run a CDrom educational game.

And finally - you are very right when you describe these people as great and delighted to help. A whole bunch of people that I have never met (except for 1) who have helped me enormously over the past few months.

Thanks everyone!!!


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