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Re: [K12OSN] access to samba shares from winxp

debbie redeemer qld edu au wrote:

No what I meant was to have a W2K server on your K12ltsp network, then the kids could access the "legacy" - (seems odd to talk about legacy & Win in the same sentence ....) app via rdesktop. No need to switch anything both Linux & Win would be available from the same terminals.
BTW there are programs & organizations where you can get a FREE W2K license along with the CALS specifically for non-profits.

Ahhh... right... something to investigate next year I think. A W2K will cost $money$ and we'll have to wait for that (unless I could use an old PIII?). I also want to look into setting up an 'application' server (same thing right?). I haven't a clue what that involves just yet. One step at a time!


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Hi Debbie,

Are you in Australia ?

No you would need a "loaded" P-IV to use as a W2K server with any number of Clients. We run a P-III 500MHz with 1 GB memory and it servers 3 clients !!! (Just to compare my Sun Ultrasparc 167 Mhz with 196 MB ,server 19 clients) However you could put up 2, 3 or more W2K P-IIIs as an option.


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