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[K12OSN] LTSP Teacher Forum

Wow I didn't expect this much discussion over the forum but it has lead to several points.

My thought of the forum was to allow the end users such as teachers to communicate with each other and share ideas of what they are doing in their classrooms with various software, how it applies to their region's curriculum etc.

It wasn't meant as a solution to the technical side of things that's why they have techs and this list.

As for web or mail: The teachers I have dealt with hardly read their email if at all, have been told to watch who you give your email address to (spam, virus etc) and may not be willing to give it out.

Some may not even know how a mailing list works (one list I was on through work didn't make it through the mail filters on the mail server and one was even deleted but not sure why).

I believe that something like PHPBB would work great because it can be access anywhere (especially on the LTSP terminals) without special software or the same computer all the time depending on the email program they are using.

PHPBB does have a search ability if needed and when a reply is made to a message it will show up in the reply so you can follow the conversations. I know there are several other features it has.

Should teachers have a solution to a problem they can post it to the forum and possibly a link to a web page that has more information etc.

The software is not a resource hog, easily installed and administrated by some volunteers. Technically we don't need to get heavily involved with it.


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