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Re: [K12OSN] access to samba shares from winxp

jim winonacotter org wrote:
No what I meant was to have a W2K server on your K12ltsp 
network, then 
the kids could access the "legacy" - (seems odd to talk about 
legacy & 
Win in the same sentence ....) app via rdesktop. 

I am guessing this wouldn't work for her anyhow since the legacy apps
run from CD's.  I imagine if you slammed a CD into the server only one
user could run it at a time.  Unless of course you figured out some
voodoo magic to run a local CDROM from a thin client in a rdesktop

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Hi Jim,

Good point, But how about creating a virtual CD on the W2K server that could be accessed via rdesktop. Or just coping the contents of the CD to a shared folder. Might be worth a try..


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