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Re: [K12OSN] Student email

But this doesn't satisfy David's criteria that the students be able to access this from their home. What he is asking for is a "private/local" email system that can be accessed by the authorized users (his students) from anywhere on the Internet.

The private/local part is easy - an SME server with a private IP. Access from the outside is the hard part.

What about this: Set up a private SME server as above. Set up an IP forward on your firewall that will allow students to get to the private server from the outside via WebMail. (Just brainstorming.....) They should not be able to mail out since the local server has no public IP but the students should be able to get to WebMail from outside.

Les Mikesell wrote:

On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 13:55, David Trask wrote:

I simply wnat them to have an intranet
communications tool that they can also use for backup.....any ideas? PS. I'm a big fan of SME server...so if can be done with that I'd be very

An SME server should work fine as a local mailbox. Just break it's connection to the outside via smtp. There are any number of ways to break things. If it isn't going to serve ftp/http to the outside just use a single NIC on the 'private' side of your network so inbound connections can't reach it and use the 'mail forwarder' configuration option to point outbound mail to a dummy address that will never work. That way there is little customization to track during upgrades and it is easy to make it public if your policy changes.

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