[K12OSN] AMD PIC - Low cost computer /terminal

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Thu Dec 9 04:24:03 UTC 2004

Luis Montes wrote:

> Paul Satherley wrote:
>> AMD should be encouraged to tailor a PIC for LTSP
>> ie + PXE Lan , sold as a card to fitted into the back of  some LCD 
>> monitors.
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> Absolutely.
> Imagine if they could just take the PIC and dump the IDE hard drive it 
> comes with, and the windows software license.
> They should be able to  knock it down well below $185. And it would 
> have zero moving parts.
Agreed.  They would also need some type of a security lock ring of some 
type to run a cable through it. It's not that much bigger than a mouse.  
Too easy to steal.


Robert Arkiletian
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