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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Teacher Forum

>> I deleted the post in this thread before replying. The post said in summary that in order to get
>>schools to use more open source stuff they need to get universities to teach / use open source >>stuff.

This just flipped my "get excited" switch. I agree 10000%. It could be argued that the combo of world wide Internet and the increase of courses taught requiring programming/comp science, is partly responsible for the evolution and power of open source software. There is a correlation between how many people can program at some level and the Internet. How many open source projects started as college projects ??? Many. YES !!! universities are a great place to plant open source seeds. And I say thank you. Bravo !!!

BUT the problem comes from the university courses that teach Dreamweaver, promote MS Office and raise tuition to purchase the MS campus license, Photoshop, AutoCAD, all the big ones. I will say it . . . many ( certainly not all ) of these students after they leave one of these course are MS robots and their basic skills still stink !!! Shoot, you would think I was asking these knew teachers to speak ancient Greek, ("Open Office, what is that ? What are file types ? You mean I don't save my documents in My Document.") The "Technology Teaching" classes are the worst. Universities have turned their backs on their own. I am passionate about this issue because it is aways used against me...

"Why don't we use MS ? This university uses it ? Why don't we ?" "This university gives credit for MS Office not OpenOffice ?"

Microsoft Campus License huge money - - university does not pay for it . . . tuition.

"US" can you afford the SLA ? Not me 65,000/year in Ohio we are tax payer funded no levy no funds.

At home sell the Student/Teacher addition for $150.00

Good angle. Force schools to go SLA from both sides home and higher ed.

How do we address this ? Letter campaign maybe. I have 40 universities/colleges in a 65 mile radius that I would write. Anyone else ? I just want open source projects in the same store, not necessarily on the same shelf with close source programs. This should be a new topic if there are any bites. And bravo to the original post.

As always thank you for your time,
Tom Ventresco

I am not anti- anything. I just want technology in schools that is easy, reliable, affordable and powerful. And lots of it. :)

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