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[K12OSN] Re: why RAID?

why is it so important to get RAID set up?  Why not just
have a cron job that makes a copy of /home or any other
important directories?

>  My preference is RAID5 when possible because it gains the
> best
> of both worlds, but unfortunately you pay more for the controllers
> that
> handle it.  If you are on a budget crunch RAID0+1 in my opinion is the
> next best option.

You can also run RAID 5 using software present in the
Linux kernel (as well as RAID 0 and 1), requiring no extra
controller$.  Software RAID is trickier than hardware (no-brainer)
RAID and requires more CPU cycles,
but it's equally fast and reliable, and it's cheap.

RAID levels 1 and 5 provide a sufficient redundancy that you can lose a disk without losing data. There are, of course, other tradeoffs; the redundancy comes at the price of additional disks and a performance impact on writes. There is also a gain in read performance.

Generally, speeds aren't impacted terribly because writes are done in parallel.

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