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Re: [K12OSN] MAP Testing through the NWEA (Measures of Academic Progress)



Do you know of any other schools in your area (required to take the MAP testing) that use k12ltsp/ltsp in their labs? We were wondering about the possibility of the testing developers thinking about schools who have linux based labs, but want to or are required to use this testing assessment? We called the NWEA tech support, and they said that the testing typically occurs in a windows or Mac lab environment. Tech support said for us to call the NWEA salesperson to discuss issues surrounding our linux based network. We just sort of wanted to have an idea of how many schools were out there who might be unable to utilize this computer-based testing because if its incompatibility with ltsp. Is it worthwhile to spend the time and energy to see if the software will work in our lab with Wine?

Thanks for any input you can provide. If this is off-topic for this list feel free to email us privately.

Rita Gibson

Rita Gibson\r\nrgibson57 earthlink net


I do not know of any other school, although I do have a LTSP pilot projects in two school districts in the area. All public schools in Idaho are required to take the ISAT, which is a version of MAP testing, I just don't know of any other Idaho schools using LTSP. I think there was someone from North Idaho on this list a while back. They do have a pencil and paper version for those schools that don't have enough technology resources, but they are pushing to get everyone onto the computerized testing. I would like to get this working with K12LTSP because mobile, roll in labs would be a good solution for many schools to add capacity easily when they have a 3 week testing window to test all of their students.

I would like to find time to test it out with WINE, but unfortunately I have a long backlog of other things to accomplish first (I'm just a overcommited volunteer at the school) and I don't really know where to start.

Best Regards,

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