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Re: [K12OSN] access to samba shares from Linux

...and an update. I haven't a clue what I've done (or what I didn't do last time) but smb://server.ltsp/MY_SAMBA_USERNAME works now on my linux laptop... very strange, but I'm not complaining!

Debbie Schiel wrote:
Hi Norbert, Thanks for the advice. I got the ftp service up, and can access my /home/username directory via gFTP but not /var/www/html/ even though 'username' is part of the 'apache' group. It's a start though; I'll ftp the info across and then login via a thin client and move the files around to /var/www/html/ that way.

norbert wrote:

debbie redeemer qld edu au wrote:

Hi everyone,

We can access samba shares on our k12 server via fat MS windows PCs, but I'm having trouble with connecting to those samba shares via my linux laptop. The laptop is on the network and online but when I launch nautilus with the address:
nothing happens. I can connect to smb shares using the same username on a PC so I know the username is correct and the smb setup works.

I just need to easily move files from my main working machine (my laptop) to the apache server on our k12ltsp box. Another thought was to ftp them across, but I although I have gFTP (to ftp to a web server in another state) I have no idea how to setup ftp access on our local k12 server.

Help with either issues (samba/ftp) would solve the problem.

And, it's offically our last day of school here in Queensland!!



Hi Debbie,

RE: FTP just launch the ftp server on the k12ltsp "service vsftpd start" and if it doesn't work them you'll need to install an ftp server either with "yum install ftpd" (I think?? ) or apt-get install ftpd (I don't remember the server package name.

good luck

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