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[K12OSN] NOW SATA I hope

Ok, my local distributor has some reasonable prices on SATA drives now.

I am thinking to replace the old tired small non protected scsi drives with 4 - 80GB SATA drives in either raid 5 or 10 configuration using a Promise Controller.

I help someone setup a DELL server that came with a Promise controller (ATA) and it worked fine. I actually used my burned discs of K12LTSP 4.0 to install Linux on their machine, minus the LTSP part, just a server.

It worked. During installation Core recognized the raided drives as a single scsi device, which is what linux does on a raaided IDE or ata system, right?

Anyway, I figure if it worked there it will work for me. Only problem is I want to do this over Christmas holiday and transfer all from my old drives into the new drives.

I have no idea how to do that. My 2 old scsi drives have partitions scattered across them. / (root) is by itself on one scsi drive, while /home /opt and the /swap partition are one another scsi drive. I also have a cheap ide drive that has nothing on it but the boot partition. I am assuming that can stay. But how do I transfer the other partitions over to the new raided drives I will be installing, and then decommission the old drives in order to use the new?

If someone could point the way or help in this it would be great

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