[K12OSN] Upcoming PXES 1.0 WISHLIST

Diego Torres Milano diego at in3.com.ar
Fri Dec 10 18:26:53 UTC 2004

PXES Universal Linux Thin Client Project: Wishlist

__Now you can be a PXES designer too__
Approaching 200,000 accumulated downloads (this just at SourceForge) and
constantly increasing its installed base, PXES user needs are getting
difficult to satisfy.

I have been receiving disparate request for new features and inclusions.
The problem is this demand is hard to satisfy so we are making a
Christmas Wishlist.

Take your pick. Choose whatever you think should be included. A poll
will be conducted with the most relevant points from the processing of
this wishlist components.

Details can be obtained from: http://pxes.sf.net/wishlist.html

Diego Torres Milano <diego at pxes.org>
PXES Universal Linux Thin Client
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