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Re: [K12OSN] MAP Testing through the NWEA (Measures ofAcademic Progress)

And rdesktop connects to a Windows Terminal Server??? I can't remember the specifics of rdesktop.


Chris Bacigalupo wrote:

I use MAP/NWEA testing via rdesktop.

Unfortunately, the TAA.hta is IE only


Rob Owens wrote:

<and they said that the testing typically occurs in a windows or Mac lab environment.>

Does this mean that there is a Windows and Mac version of the software,

or does it mean that they are totally unfamiliar w/ Linux so they claim

it is not compatible? Do you know for sure that the test requires software to be installed on your computers, or is it a web-based interface that would work w/ any browser?


There is a lightweight windows and mac client which connects to a local network drive for the test files (they call it NTE or network test environment).

The TAA application is IE only and web based (very poorly written too), and it is used to download data from NWEA into the NTE.



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