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Re: [K12OSN] restore backup with chroot + grub-install

Robert Arkiletian wrote:

I backed up our RH9 server today using tar to save both / and /home partitions to a mobile drive. Wondering if I can use a different version of grub to restore once I untar to the new drive. I'm thinking "chroot /sbin/grub-install". (Not sure of syntax for chroot and grub-install). Can someone explain it. Do I use grub on gnoppix or the untared RH9 that I'm restoring? Also booting with gnoppix, grub is version .95 and in RH9 it's 0.93. Does it matter if the version of grub is different? BTW the server has / on /dev/sda1 and the backup drive with the tar files is /dev/hdb3 which I would mount from gnoppix as /mnt/hdb3

After some reading I'm going to take a guess. After I
1) fdisk the brand new drive to the same parameters as before and
2) then mke2fs -j the filesystem.
3) Then mount it (/dev/sda1) from gnoppix as /mnt/sda1
4) then untar my backup from mobile drive to the new drive
5) then  chroot /mnt/sda1 /sbin/grub-install /dev/sda
6) then umount /dev/sda

Line number 5 is the one I want confirmation on.


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