[K12OSN] hard drive upgrade

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Sat Dec 11 19:33:41 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-12-11 at 12:57, Liam Marshall wrote:

> ok,  but do I want to upgrade?  Any real advantages to 4.1.1 or is 4.2 out 
> of beta and just spectacular? 

Unless you are trying to fix an existing problem, stick to what you
have.   You should load 4.2 on a test system and poke around
before turning it loose in production.  There are some big
differences under the covers.  I haven't done an install myself
but I assume it keeps the FC3 default of installing on LVM by
default which might be an advantage for you later but as long
as you know how to move home directories you can do it again
for next year onto a stable release.

By the way, if you can plug your SATA controller in while
keeping the SCSI and have power for all the drives in the
same box, you probably could just copy partitions and tweak
your /etc/fstab and /etc/grub.conf to run from the new ones.
The steps would be approximately the same as in the 'restore
backup' thread except that you could use 'cp -a' to copy
the contents of each partition to the new location and
since your existing boot is on an IDE disk you wouldn't
have to reinstall grub - just change the config.  You
would have to change /etc/fstab and grub.conf to use
partition device names for the new ones instead of making
labels, though, because you can't have duplicate labels
in the same system.

   Les Mikesell
     les at futuresource.com

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