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[K12OSN] Boot issues with Beta 5 to 7

olle paalalinn com wrote:

Eric Harrison wrote:

The seventh beta build of K12LTSP 4.2.0 has been uploaded.

I still have not been able to reproduce the ISO booting issue
a few have reported. To mitigate the issue, I included a copy
of boot.iso in with the K12LTSP ISOs. It is small, so it doesn't
really hurt much & it can come in handy.

I think I have seen this problem.
4.2.0 beta5 was booted and installed correctly in 2 different computers - Dell laptop and AMD Athlon 900 computer.
Now I tried to install it to totally new machine AMD Smptron 2600+ MSI K3M motherboard and samsung 52x32x52x cdrw.
So no booting. I tried same type cdrw - nothing. I tried old dvdrom - nothing.

Now I was booting same dvd-rom with old AMD Duron 750 - it works, now I changed dvd-rom with cdrw and it works too. So I burned boot.iso from first setup cd and booted from it to install linux to this new machine.

it must be something with new BIOS.
All other hardware and software works well.
ISO's was rsynced, md5sum was ok, k3b in k12ltsp4.1.1 was used to writing cd-s.
Older computers haven't this booting problem.
boot.iso boots ok,
win2000 boots ok,
but k12ltsp4.2.0 beta5 disk1 not a single time boots in this new computer.

Olle Niit

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hmmm hate to burst your bubble, :-D , but with Beta 5 to 7 the first CD boot issue comes up on a variety of systems. i.e.
P-III 450Mhz with 52x CDROM does not boot
P-II 233 with 8X boots
P-IV 2.66Ghz with 52X boots
P-III 733Mhz with 48X does not boot
P-IV 2.2Ghz with 52X boots
Dual P-III 800Mhz with 32X does not boot

Although all work with the "boot.iso" CD !! and also work with the Fedora Core 3 CDs ????

I've tested at least 12 different computers swapping HW & still cannot come up with a set pattern. Basically I just use the boot.iso and either the new CDROM images or NFS images.

I hope this info can help....


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