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[K12OSN] Tuxpaint takes a looong time to load.


We have a k12ltsp (redhat 9) server which is running 12 clients for a year
no problems.  I recently did an upgrade to the installed packages using
synaptic. Everything ran very smoothly, except I just found that tuxpaint
takes a very long time to load as compared to before. Previously it took a
couple of seconds, but now it will sit there for over 30 seconds.  That is
with only one client logged in.

As well, after you select the menu option, the computer just sits there -
the cursor does not change into a clock.  This results in the kids
clicking the tuxpaint menu option over and over, only to have a minute
later 5 instances of it launching.

I tried running tuxpaint from a terminal and found that it kept repeating:
libaudiooss: could not open nas audio server
over and over before it would launch the program. So that seems to be
causing the delay. However, I'm at a loss over what to do now.



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