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Re: [K12OSN] Script help

Mike Lichtenwalner wrote:

Hi All,

My teachers have found that the URL does not appear on the top of a printed Firefox page. The problem is that the Firefox preferences are set to start printing .04 inches form the edge of the page, but the printers can't handle that.

Instead of requiring each user to manually change their settings, I found that if I drop a "user.js" file containing the new default_print_edge settings into each user's home directory, the change will be made on the next launch of Firefox. Cool!

Could someone provide me with some guidance on writing a script to do distriute the user.js file? The script should probably just copy the file to the correct location in each user's directory and then change the permissions so that the user owns it. The location for user.js is:
(Note that the "XYZ" is a randomly generated 3 alphanumeric string for each user.)


Can't you change the default? Check out http://www.alain.knaff.lu/~aknaff/howto/MozillaCustomization/cgi/byteshf.cgi for a detailed explanation.


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