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[K12OSN] RE: dansguardian on k12ltsp 4.1.1

>I currently am running k12ltsp 4.0.1 with great success.  I have content filtering with >dansguardian on ipcop between my cable modem and my k12 box.  I use the addonz system to >access the dansguardian through a web interface.  I would like to upgrade to 4.1.1 and run >my content filtering directly off of the server; no need to have 2 firewalls.  Can someone >walk me through setting this up.  I would really like to use a graphic interface, rather >than the command line.  Thanks!

I can't give you a walk through right now, but the steps are something like this.
Download the tarball for the latest stable release of Dansguardian. 
Decompress it using "tar xvzf dansguardian2.8.x.tar.gz". 
Read the included documentation. 
Compile the software by running "configure" then "make" then "make install".
Modify the dansguardian config files in /etc/dansguardian as per the documentation. There are only a couple of changes needed to enable basic functionality.

Now, make sure you have the squid proxy filter installed. If not, install it using rpm, apt-get, yum or whatever works for you. Check the config file in /etc/squid to make sure it is listening on port 3128 so that Dansguardian will work, and that access to squid is disabled from everything except localhost (Dansguardian).

This will enable clients to connect to Dansguardian as a proxy on port 8080.

If you want a gui, install webmin, then install the latest Dansguardian webmin module.
You can access the gui by going to http://yourserver:10000, or possibly https://yourserver:10000 if SSL encryption is enabled for webmin. The gui will be located under the servers tab.

run chkconfig to make sure that Dansguardian and squid will run automatically at system startup.

If you want transparent proxy filtering, you'll need to setup iptables to redirect outgoing client requests through Dansguardian. Sorry, I don't have that info handy right now.

This should be enough to get you started. Keep careful notes, and post back your howto to the list when you are done. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "using a graphic interface". If you are referring to managing Dansguardian and squid after they are setup, webmin will work great. If you want to do everything, including the install and configuration through a gui, I'm afraid I can't help you. Perhaps the yum tool will get you started...

Sean Harbour
sean harbours us


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