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Re: [K12OSN] Deepfreeze

Hi Lonnie,

I've used Deep Freeze for a few years now. I have not found a way to allow updates on a frozen drive. I don't think it's possible. In the past I have installed antivirus software on another partition and left it thawed to allow updates.

You can have the login script unthaw a machine which will force it to reboot. The next time the login script is ran it will freeze the machine. You can run updates inbetween but it would be a pain.

DF has helped save time and effort in re-cloning machines. Someone makes a change you just need to reboot.

I have just joined the group so excuse me if the subject has been discussed already. I am running redhat Enterprise on 15 server and windows 95/98 desktop. We use a netlog script to do update to our software that runs everytime the user logs on. I wanted to ask is anyone using Deepfreeze and have you found a workaround to allow updates to come down to the c:drive without thawing Deepfreeze? Also I would like to ask user of Deepfreeze how well it is working for them as we spend alot of time re-cloning machines, you know how students can be. Thanks in advance

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