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Re: [K12OSN] 4.2.0 beta7 disc1 errors

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 21:10 -0600, Daniel Loomis wrote:
> I keep getting errors with the 4.2.0 Beta7 iso discs.  Checking the iso
> files, each comes up with the correct md5sum.  And yet, every copy I
> burn using cdrecord fails the media check on disc1 and disc3.  I am
> using cdrecord on an FC2 equipped workstation and a Plextor 16x CD/RW.

There are known-issues with the integrity check not working properly,
depending on how you burn the CDs. If I understand correctly, if you
"pad" the CD (ie. use the -pad option with cdrecord) it will work 

I'm probably just going to turn off integrity checking by default...

> Disc1 will not boot up properly.  I finally ended up using the boot-only
> disc, then switched to disc1 for the install. After that 4.2.0 seemed to
> install ok.

I'm still fighting with this one. I just uploaded new ISOs that are
built in a slightly different way, crossing my fingers that it solves
the problem...


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