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Yancey B. Jones ybjones at one.net
Tue Dec 14 23:55:19 UTC 2004

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> I have just joined the group so excuse me if the subject has 
> been discussed already. I am running redhat Enterprise on 15 
> server and windows 95/98 desktop. We use a netlog script to 
> do update to our software that runs everytime the user logs 
> on. I wanted to ask is anyone using Deepfreeze and have you 
> found a workaround to allow updates to come down to the 
> c:drive without thawing Deepfreeze? Also I would like to ask 
> user of Deepfreeze how well it is working for them as we 
> spend alot of time re-cloning machines, you know how students 
> can be. Thanks in advance

I have just recently started evaluating Deepfreeze Pro and so far it
is pretty awesome. You can schedule times for the computer to unthaw
and run updates and the way I am doing it now, I have TrendMicro
scheduled to push down and updates during those times. You can also
have it run Windows Updates during the scheduled thawed times. Some
people may be opposed to running the updates daily but it has been my
experience that the very few crashes that happen after an update
outweight the potential side affect of not running a security patch.
For major updates like XP SP2 then obviously more caution would be
prudent. For your updates, you can run a custom batch file to do the
updates during the scheduled maintenance time rather than use a login

- -Yancey

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