[K12OSN] Deepfreeze

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Wed Dec 15 00:15:18 UTC 2004


>I have just joined the group so excuse me if the subject has been discussed 
>already. I am running redhat Enterprise on 15 server and windows 95/98 
>desktop. We use a netlog script to do update to our software that runs 
>everytime the user logs on. I wanted to ask is anyone using Deepfreeze and 
>have you found a workaround to allow updates to come down to the c:drive 
>without thawing Deepfreeze? Also I would like to ask user of Deepfreeze how 
>well it is working for them as we spend alot of time re-cloning machines, you 
>know how students can be. Thanks in advance
>Lonnie Trotter
>Network Administrator
>Apache Junction Unified School District
>Phone: 480-982-1110 Ext. 2050

This isn't a direct answer to your Deep Freeze question, but it may 
help.  If you set up K12LTSP, then you essentially have done just that, 
with the exception of the user home directories.  The kids cannot mess 
with the OS itself, and your days of maintaining more than one box for 
thirty students will be over.  The default permissions on UNIX/Linux 
systems "deep freeze" the system so that nobody can change it except for 

Not only do you save maintenance headaches, but you also avoid the 
expense of Deep Freeze itself.

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