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Re: [K12OSN] Student email

Jim Kronebusch wrote:

However it would be slightly handier if you can allow imap and authenticated smtp from outside so you can add it as an account to a home email client and have it work normally. I'm not sure how to configure sendmail to require authentication for all access though. The usual setup permits unauthenticated reception from outside to local addresses only but requires authentication for non-local (relay) sending.

I have my Postfix configured this way. The only difference is anything on the local lan is set to not need SMTP/AUTH, but anything outside our lan does. Works very slick. If anyone would like to configure Postfix this way I can send them my main.cf with the required changes.

You've got a taker; I would like to see this. My mail server, which also uses Postfix, is set up for everybody, in the LAN and out, to require SMTP AUTH. I'd be quite interested to see how you did things.

Maybe someday I can figure out how to do this with sendmail, too.

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