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[K12OSN] Fedora 3 = 4.2 - right? Ready to use it - production -

Hello Everyone, Merry Christmas or Happy secular Holiday! I have some time off over the Christmas break and have been contemplating using Fedora 3 on my current 3.01 K12LTSP server. I have already done a mass cloning of 30 boxes using Fedora3 using K12LTSP fedora2 rpms for Icewm and a few other things. Everything seems to work just fine.

I am using Fedora3 at home and it seems to be really an improvement over fedora2, especially with the hotpluging of usb sticks and cameras in gnome. -Almost consumer desktop ready!- I have a duplicate system at home with the Fedora3 on it now running just fine so I'm not too worried about putting it on the dual mp system at school, but -- I gota ask this list about this before I head off and do it.

Eric, James, David, and others??

I have been up to my eyeballs for months now with Yearbook but have been an almost daily lurker on this list and have watched the development of 4.2 betas... Any opinions on utilizing the 4.2 beta or straight Fedora3 plus 4.1 K12LTSP rpms to fill in the holes? I know how to set up the icewm only session settings, and have read about the changes to /etc/passwd, group and shadow, and how the lts.conf, dhcp.conf and another I can't remember file must be carefully edited/spliced with the previous...

What about the kill/suicide scripts?? Are these still in place in the K12LTSP 4.x series?? These really are necessary.

I would like to do this over XMas. I will take out the old drives and use a newer drive, so if things go bad, I can always re-install the originals...

Thanks for all corrections and new ideas, Jim

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