[K12OSN] NASLite

David McAuliffe k12ltsp at wondergibbon.com
Wed Dec 15 03:52:03 UTC 2004

Hi all. Something interesting came up on the Lockergnome list the other 
day- NASLite. NFS or SMB or FTP on floppy, with large disc support 
bypassing the BIOS and low resource requirements. From the web site:


Basic System Requirements

NASLite v1.x is a network file server, so a fast computer is usually 
not necessary. Basic requirements are: 

486DX or better processor 
PCI bus 
16M or more of RAM 
1 to 4 IDE fixed disk drives (any size) 
PCI or on-board network interface adapter 
3.5" floppy disk drive
In dedicated file servers, the performance is most often limited by the 
network speed. Fast processors will not improve performance and 
therefore are not required. A 200 MHz Pentium with 64M of RAM will be 
more than capable of servicing a typical small office


Note that they do have 100Mb and Gb NIC support available on separate 
discs. Details of supported NIC chipsets are in the manuals, but they 
look like the usual suspects.

IDE only, no CDROM, SCSI, etc. SMART support. Web based and console 
admin, not to sure about authentication, file system etc yet. Based on 
2.4 kernel. Files available by SMB + HTTP, NFS + HTTP, FTP + HTTP 
depending on the disc used. Telnet support.


Has anyone had a fiddle with one of these? It looks interesting, but 
maybe a bit lightweight for larger needs- but who knows? I might have 
to dust off an old box and throw a few IDEs at one to see.

I've no affiliation with them. I just thought it interesting.


David McAuliffe - k12ltsp at wondergibbon.com

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