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Re: [K12OSN] Maine and Laptops

At least Linux runs reasonably well on most laptops. I am now dual booting Xandros and XP on both of mine, and am counting down to freedom from windows day. Unfortunately that doesn't save a lot of money, but it does provide freedom.

Tim Kaldahl
Maplewood Academy

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 08:20:13 -0500, Shane Stafford <staffords glenburn net> wrote:

well as expected looks like they are going to require laptops or 1 to 1 in
some fashion.

Today's Bangor Daily news indicates they will require thru new model of
essential services and programs that schools 7-12 (by 2008?) have laptops
(or we will see language hopefully later today).  The state will fund 55%
and the local school will fund 45%.  Oh I hope they leave angles for
people like us to be innovative.

amazing how just after Palasky, we are now supposed to locally fund 45% of
a laptop program from 7-12. On the other hand, I feel a lot more school
may be looking toward Open Source and thin clients as options.



Shane Stafford, MCSE, MCT
Director Information Services Glenburn School and Town
Educational System Integrator/Network Engineer
S & B Consulting

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