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[K12OSN] nbd & floppy access


I know there was a post in April concerning nbd & supermount for mounting the floppy disks off the clients, has there been any progress in that direction?  Is there a packaged version of the nbd-client and nbd-server tools?  I've been able to use gnome-vfs and gconf to create folder links that show up on everyone's desktop (and under Computer & open/save too).   My thoughts were to use nbd and setup special folders on the server like:


Using supermount to manage those devices, where ws101 would be the nbd mount off of workstation ws101.  Ownership could be changed by a X11 init script (while still controlled by root) to the user who is logged in that station.  Then using gconf and gnome-vfs (the connected_servers section), you could actually have the floppy disk show up under open/save/etc.

I think it requires some kernel compilation, etc... (not that I can't do that... and I might hack on it some in January), just wanted to see if anyone is working in that direction or if it is in k12ltsp 4.2.  Suggestions for using nbd or enbd in 2.6 connecting to the 2.4 clients?   enbd sounds pretty robust in that it autorestarts the daemons, etc.

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