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Re: [K12OSN] Cygwin X for windows - run from CD

I've been playing with this today. Curiously, calling telnet in the Desktop> window doesn't seem to work, although 'which telnet' shows there is an included telnet client. Calling ssh works. For telnet I had to open a Windows telnet session (to connect to our older HP boxes which don't support ssh) and then the X clients were able to display.


Les Mikesell wrote:
If you don't already have cygwin installed on all of your windows boxes
you might like this:
It is a CD that will either run live or install to your hard disk with
cygwin utilities including ssh and X.  It has an autorun startup that
starts a bash shell and X in -multiwindow mode where X apps each run
in a separate window that appears to be a normal MS window.  For
example, if you wanted to read your mail in evolution as you would
from a thin client or the server console but you are on a windows box
you might pop in this cd, click the option to start X, and in the
bash window that opens type:
 ssh -X mylogin k12ltsp_server
and when logged in, type:
and a new window will pop open running your mail app from the server.

  Les Mikesell
   les futuresource com

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