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Re: [K12OSN] Maine and Laptops

I certainly hope that we get to be "creative" in our 1-1 solutions.  I am
still trying to get reimbursed for self wiring our highschool for a
wireless infrastructure.  The app. is about 5 pages long.  I was also
struck by the statement that they will be paying more of the educational
costs when in actuality they will be paying around 61 million dollars less
when going to the Essential Program and Services.  As the proposal is now,
we will lose over 1 million in our district alone -- and I am supposed to
buy laptops for everyone????  I am very interested to get the actual
facts.  We are opening our network up to students to bring their own
devices after the holidays and putting 25 linux laptops into the English
classes at the same time.

I had a thin (flash bootable) laptop that I tested for a few months.  It
was almost ready for kids and I am definately going to pursue it again
when I get the details on this new proposal.  

I suppose those of you not in Maine are not as interested in this, but we
may be calling you for input on open source solutions for 1-1.

MSAD#71 Director of Educational Technology
sbetts msad71 net          http://www.msad71.net     207-985-1100
Think about this:   If no child gets ahead, then no child will be left
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