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Re: [K12OSN] Interesting conversation....concepts vs. OS


I see you already have a solution to your problem, but...

On a home computer that I was tinkering around with, I ran Mandrake locally and was also able to net-boot K12LTSP off of a remote server.  Rom-o-matic was able to make a .zlilo file and I set up LILO to give me the choices:  Mandrake or netboot.  Honestly I don't remember the specifics of how I did it, but if you need me to I'll try to relearn it.  I remember I guessed at a lot of settings until it worked...


 --- On Thu 12/16, Debbie Schiel < debbie redeemer qld edu au > wrote:
From: Debbie Schiel [mailto: debbie redeemer qld edu au]
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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 12:06:19 +1000
Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Interesting conversation....concepts vs. OS

Hi David,<br><br>I found this post very interesting, especially  where you describe your <br>three OS setup where students can *choose* the best OS suited for a <br>task. And the bit about teaching word processing concepts in one app and <br>then testing to see how their skills transfer in a new/different app. <br>I'll be using that method in my class next year, thanks!<br><br>I'm hoping you can offer some advice here about dual booting -<br><br>Our mini-lab of PIIIs is setup so that the default boot is a network <br>boot to the K12ltsp server. Students can however press 'Esc' and then <br>boot to windows on the hard drive. Fine for PCs that can do a network <br>boot like that but what about older PCs? We don't have a windows <br>terminal server to connect to via rdesktop, if we did I'd convert the <br>older PCs to thin clients and that would be that.<br><br>I've converted older PCs to thin clients by copying a rom-o-matic floppy <br>to the entire hard drive using method des!
cribed here: <br>http://www.k12ltsp.org/phpwiki/index.php/Technical%3ABooting%3AClient%3ALiLo<br><br>So I was wondering if I could modify the method above. A rom-o-matic <br>floppy boot on a PC starts off with a query like 'Boot from Network or <br>Quit?'.<br><br>Now I don't know if this can be done because I don't know much about how <br>partitioning hard drives works, but this is what I would like to do:<br>I'd like to copy the rom-o-matic floppy to a *portion* of the hard drive <br>   which loads first; it asks me the question 'Network or Quit?' and <br>then if I say Quit, it loads up windows on the other portion of the hard <br>drive.<br><br>IS IT POSSIBLE?<br><br>That way we can have both linux & windows on the older PCs instead of <br>just linux (some teachers won't be happy with that) or just windows (*I* <br>won't be happy with that!). Also - it leaves the choice of OS up to the <br>kids.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Debbie<br>-- <br>http://www.redeemer.qld.edu.au/<br><br>_!
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