[K12OSN] LVM Raid 1

Paul Pianta pantz at lqt.ca
Fri Dec 17 20:48:19 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 15:19 -0500, Ascension Tech wrote:
> Thanks all for getting me out my recent mess.  I recovered what I need
> and I'm reinstalling.  This time I wanted to use LVM + raid1 on my two
> drives instead of just raid.  Here's what I have so far. Created
> /boot>  created dual swaps at the end of the drives>  I made 2 raid
> partitions with remaining space on each > created md0 as an LVM with
> raid1> created volume groups for / and /home.    Is this how you do it
> or do you make VGs for /root /var /usr/ /tmp /opt etc. .?

Hi Peter,

First question - did you put your /boot partition on a raid device? If
not - you probably should have because if the sole disk with the boot
device dies ... you won't be able to boot the other disk.

So here is what I do ...

1. On the first drive 
- make a 100 MB partition as a RAID device (for /boot later on)
- make a X MB partition as a RAID device (for swap later on)
- make a partition that fills the rest of the disk as a RAID device (for
your volume group later on)

2. Replicate everything you did on that first drive with the second

3. Choose RAID and setup 3 RAID 1 devices - the 100MB partition, the
swap partition, and the big partition that fills the rest of the drive.

4. If the 100MB RAID device happened to get called md0 - format it ext3
and set the mount point at /boot.

5. If the swap RAID device happened to get called md1 - format it as

6. Click the LVM button and make a 'volume group' out of the remaining
RAID device (probably md2 and it should be rather large!). I find it
helpful to call it vg0 as the redhat naming scheme puts me off.

7. In the same dialog as where you created vg0 - you can also create
your 'logical volumes' that are created within your new 'volume group'
ie. vg0. Click add and then it is here that you add 'lv0' that you would
mount /, and also add 'lv1' which you would mount at /home.

8. You are free to choose the sizes for your / and /home logical volumes
but I suggest you leave a bit of space 'unused' so that if you find
later on that you need to add some GB's to either / or /home - you will
have some room to expand!

I'm off for the weekend so if you need any clarification - I'm sure the
crew on this list will be able to help you out ...

until Monday ...


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