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Re: [K12OSN] Server Freezes with certain type of CDRs?

joseph bishay utoronto ca wrote:

Has anyone seen this before? I'm trying to burn files with a spindle of
CDRss, but the machine freezes just after the burn begins.  No keys work,
unable to do anything except hit reboot.  I was able before to use
different media types, but it only seems to happen with the Staples brand
of CDRs. I've tried burning at different speeds, but it seems to make no
difference.  I'm using k12ltsp based on RH9, and I've got the lastest
version of cdrecord installed.

Has anyone else noticed something like this?

Thank you,
I had a similar problem with Office Depot brand CDRs in the past. I had a spindle of 50. The first 25 or so worked OK. All remaining disks gave errors either while recording or could not be read after burning. A new spindle proved that it was just bad disks instead of the burner going out. This was on an MS machine with Nero, so symptoms would differ from Linux + cdrecord. Months later I noticed that the silver colored Office Depot cdrs were turning yellow (as if they were in the sun too long, although they had only been in an office environment). FWIW, I heard Verbatim datalife + is a good brand of CDR. This was from someone who qualifies CDR drives for an OEM.



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