[K12OSN] Server Freezes with certain type of CDRs?

dale dalen at czexan.net
Sat Dec 18 07:05:51 UTC 2004

joseph.bishay at utoronto.ca wrote:
> Hello,
> Has anyone seen this before? I'm trying to burn files with a spindle of
> CDRss, but the machine freezes just after the burn begins.  No keys work,
> unable to do anything except hit reboot.  I was able before to use
> different media types, but it only seems to happen with the Staples brand
> of CDRs. I've tried burning at different speeds, but it seems to make no
> difference.  I'm using k12ltsp based on RH9, and I've got the lastest
> version of cdrecord installed.
> Has anyone else noticed something like this?
> Thank you,
> Joseph
	I had a similar problem with Office Depot brand CDRs in the past.  I 
had a spindle of 50.  The first 25 or so worked OK.  All remaining disks 
gave errors either while recording or could not be read after burning. 
A new spindle proved that it was just bad disks instead of the burner 
going out.  This was on an MS machine with Nero, so symptoms would 
differ from Linux + cdrecord.  Months later I noticed that the silver 
colored Office Depot cdrs were turning yellow (as if they were in the 
sun too long, although they had only been in an office environment). 
FWIW, I heard Verbatim datalife + is a good brand of CDR.  This was from 
someone who qualifies CDR drives for an OEM.



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