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[K12OSN] Found 4.2 booting prob reason

You may have already dicovered this yourself Eric but I found this link describing the media check problem in detail. I found it from a review of Fedora Core 3 here (http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=04/11/30/1559210)

===== snip ======

Commonly encountered gotchas and their workarounds

* An unfortunate issue with the kernel used by the installation program (see Alan Cox's explanation)

(search threads "the media check problem" and "media check message")

causes the mediacheck function to condemn CDs that are actually good. Workaround: at the install CD's boot: prompt, enter linux ide=nodma before proceeding.
* Some graphics chips (primarily nVidia and Intel) don't work with the new X.org drivers without tweaking. This can lead to a catch-22 where you can't log in to fix the problem until you've logged in and fixed the problem. Workaround: At the GRUB screen, follow the on-screen instructions to edit the kernel options line. Remove rhgb quiet to get a non-graphical boot, and add a 3 to the end of the line to boot into runlevel 3. Then, after you've searched through the fedora-list archives for the solution for your particular chipset, you can fix your config files.
* CD-ROMs and diskettes are now mounted in /media instead of /mnt. Lots of scripts and users will have to be reconfigured.
* SSH has stricter security settings; among other things, remote X11 forwarding is no longer on by default.
* For people who need to compile kernel modules for certain <cough> nVidia </cough> graphics cards, the method for installing kernel sources has changed. Be sure you read the release notes.

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Robert Arkiletian C++ GUI tutorial http://fltk.org/links.php?V219

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