[K12OSN] Good News - Xerox Printer (WorkCentre 415) on linux !!

bimal pandit bimalp at indoasian.com
Mon Dec 20 08:15:17 UTC 2004

1) Xerox(Xerox machine) -- WorkCentre 415

2) Dlink(print server) -- DP300U(10/100 Fastethernet PrintServer)

we had a Xerox Machine which could act as a Network printer too while we
were using this as a shared printer attached with windows machine and
since there is no driver for this printer for linux we could not use

but with the installation of hpijs-1.7.1 and using
HP-LaserJet_1160-hpijs.ppd.gz as driver it is working perfectly!!

now, what we did is, we purchased a small Dlink box(print server) which
has two parallel ports(LPT1 & LPT2) and one USB port, we connected this
Xerox machine to LPT1 and rest two to other printers, one parallel and
the other to USB port.

so in case anyone has this Xerox machine cum printer they can use this
as their printer now! locally/shared/network printer in linux
environment, just use the mentioned driver.

Note:- hpijs-1.7.1 provides HP-LaserJet_1160-hpijs.ppd.gz

i configured this using CUPS on redhat9

hope this will help someone


Bimal Pandit

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