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Re: [K12OSN] uh oh

Some teachers I know use  their phone numbers for a password, relatively easy
for a student to guess, I have a few installations out there that has users
that actually use password for a password, 'course those aren't on the net, so
lax security isn't too bad, the networks are hard wired, you have to have
physical access.

But you weren't using an easy to guess password were you? Another school I
work with uses passwords that I suppose would be easy to guess, a math teacher
uses a word related to math, the coach uses the name of his favorite football
team, etc, etc.

All of these are a nightmare in the eyes of a person who's main concern is

Burke Almquist (balmquist mindfirestudios com) wrote:
> Someone probably figured out your user password and changed it.
> On Dec 15, 2004, at 4:04 PM, anthony baldwin wrote:
> > I ended up rebooting the machine and logging in as root, checked users
> > & groups settings, and, sure enough,
> > appeared as though my password has been changed.
> > The root password was not altered, just my user password.
> > Could this mean that my machine was somehow compromised?
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