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Ascension Tech ascensiontech at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 21:00:48 UTC 2004

Thanks all,
But I found a relatively easy solution to my squidguard setup problem.
This could be obvious, or maybe it could help someone else:

The problem: I was trying to default the students browsers to my
separate squidguard machine and have teachers user accounts not
filtered.   To clarify, I have 3 separate machines for LTSP, squiduard
(with 2 nics, I think this might be required) and gateway/firewall. 
All I did was 1. make the default gateway of LTSP point to the
squidguard machine.  This makes browsers use the proxy without any
fiddling.  2. I setup plain old squid on my gateway/firewall
(  3. I manually configured browsers in the teachers
accounts to the squid/gateway/firewall machine ( 
Since we only have maybe 10 teachers this wasn't a huge task. This
seems to work pretty well.  Hope that helps someone.


On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 23:12:49 +1300, hamishkibblewhite at xtra.co.nz
<hamishkibblewhite at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> If you have ldap going you might want to look at
> http://workaround.org/squid/wiki/LdapAuthentication
> Seems to have reasonable documentation on how to authenticate using ldap with squid
> Only caveats I can see at this time are to do with people who walk away from the machine and leave a higher level of authentication going. For example,
> 1. how to time squid sessions out ==>  credentialsttl parameter
> 2. How to prevent people saving mozilla / firefox passwords ==> other people have probably worked that out on this list. But I haven't got a link to hand.
> If you want to authenticate against Samba/ Windows you may wish to look at this example
> http://www.harkness.co.uk/proxy/squid.conf
> regards,
> Hamish Kibblewhite
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