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RE: [K12OSN] Bulk Add script for users

 --- Jim Kronebusch <jim winonacotter org> wrote: 
> > There was some discussion some time ago concerning
> a bulk add 
> > script for users but I seem to have lost that
> thread of 
> > email.  Is there such a beast and if so could
> someone send me a copy?
> Look into the add users module of Webmin.  You can
> create a delimited
> text file very easy (it tells you the proper format)
> and upload via
> webmin.  It will also work for deletion.  I just
> simply setup a query
> from my school database for new users and for old
> users that exports
> directly into a properly delimited file.  The upload
> the file through
> webmin and I have changed hundreds of users in
> minutes.

Thanks to all for the WebMin reference.  

The only other thing I guess I need is a method to
generate password.  Which of the various password
gererators out there have any of you used?


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