[K12OSN] Tax Deductions

Dennis Daniels ddaniels at magic.fr
Tue Dec 28 23:01:36 UTC 2004

Through the student computer club on campus I've managed to get over 100 
computers (PIIs and better!) and a bunch of monitors, mid-range 
switches, cables etc. The donor gets a letter with the school 
letter-head thanking them and referencing their donation... no monetary 
value is assigned.


Jim Hays wrote:
> When people donate computers to our schools, we simply write a letter thanking
> them for the donation.  It is up to the person making the donation to itemize
> the donation on their return.  The letter is verification of the donation. 
> There is not any "red tape".  
> Quoting Rob Owens <robowens at myway.com>:
>>I'm not an accountant, so don't take my word as gospel...
>>I worked w/ a not-for-profit organization that occasionally received
>>donations.  For one of the larger donations, the donor asked us for a "thank
>>you letter" to him stating what was donated, and to include our tax ID number
>>on it.  
>>To my knowledge, the recipient of the donation does not have to do anything
>>but accept the donation and possibly record it as income.  It's the donor who
>>needs to claim the deduction on his taxes and must be able to back up his
>>claim in case of an audit.  
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>>Subject: [K12OSN] Tax Deductions
>>Hi,<br><br>How do you handle contributions made to your school so the
>>contributor <br>can get tax credits?<br><br>I've been trying to get a local
>>school setup with k12ltsp for about two <br>years.  We've found enough old
>>computers, monitors and keyboards for our <br>project from a local government
>>agency. We had a little money set aside <br>and it looked like we were just
>>about set to go.  Then there was a <br>problem with the schools budget and
>>many, many things got axed.  The <br>monies for the k12ltsp servers were in
>>the cuts.  So we have terminals <br>but no servers.<br><br>I can't blame them
>>for the cuts, either. Money is so tight that they <br>have to worry about a
>>lot more than computer systems right now.  But I'd <br>still like to figure
>>out how to get them started with K12ltsp.  It would <br>change their
>>world.<br><br>So it looks like we're going to have to go begging for
>>donations of good <br>equipment to the school.  I think the only real chance
>>for success with <!
>>br>this approach would be to offer tax deductions for the contributors. 
>><br>What sort of red tape or accounting is required to be able to do this
>><br>properly?  How do you handle contributions?  Have you had any success
>><br>going out into the local private sector to ask for this sort of
>>donations? <br><br>Many
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