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[K12OSN] Enhancement to squidGuard package to force Google's SafeSearchfeature to be ON

I wrote a patch for squidGuard that enhances the URL re-writting capabilities.

The main purpose of this was to make it possible to force Google's SafeSearch
feature to always be ON.

In the revised squidGuard.conf, I added a new rule that appends "&safe=active"
to any search made at google.com (including images.google.com and 
groups.google.com). Here's the new rule:

rewrite google {
    s@(google.com/search.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/images.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/groups.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/news.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    # log google

This is made active by adding "rewrite google" in the default acl section
(active by default in the new squidGuard.conf).

I am running these revised packages on my production servers, once I'm
sure that they are fully stable I'll put the packages into the yum/apt

If you want to test them out, the package can be found at:


This package will works on K12LTSP 3.1.2 and 4.0.0.


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