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Dennis Daniels ddaniels at magic.fr
Thu Jun 3 01:51:03 UTC 2004

Can I have permission to reprint your list on my site with credits to 
you sir?
Dennis Daniels

Terrell Prude', Jr. wrote:
> Here you go.
> 1.)  No more Sasser, MyDoom, MSBlaster, Nachi, etc.  I stopped counting 
> O/T for MSBlaster/Nachi at 400 hrs.
> 2.)  One box to maintain software on, instead of 45, thus lower on-going 
> maintenance costs
> 3.)  Much, much easier to lock down what the kids can and cannot do.
> 4.)  By design, more secure (not everyone runs as "Administrator" or 
> "root" by default).
> 5.)  Less Windows licenses to have to maintain in case of a BSA audit.  
> Show him this URL:
>     http://bigwidelogic.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=190
> 6.)  Less up-front cost to deploy, both in hardware and software.
> 7.)  His classroom instruction will actually be standards-based, not 
> vendor-specific.
> 8.)  His kids will be more well-rounded and prepared to sit down in 
> front of *any* computer they encounter, thus his instructional time is 
> more useful long-term and more applicable (think "Drivers Ed" here).
> 9.)  Riverdale School District, and many others (e. g. Yorktown HS here 
> in Arlington, VA), are doing it with great success.
> Hopefully that fills your five minutes.
> --TP
> daniel.hunt at iibbank.ie wrote:
>> Hey again all,
>> Firstly, apologies for the outrageously long signature that I have no
>> control of as it's appended by the mail server on all outgoing mail :o)
>> Now onto the real talk.
>> Tomorrow, at 8:30, I will be talking to the computer teacher that I 
>> will be
>> doing up the school network for. I, naturally, want K12 in there, a 
>> kick ass
>> server will of course be easier to maintain than 45 clients, a server, 
>> plus
>> a few extra possible clients throughout the school. Not to mention a
>> firewall/proxy/AV crap.
>> He's about 95% towards Windows at the moment, but I think he'll give me a
>> chance to sway him over to Linux. Depending on how persuasive I am 
>> regarding
>> this chageover, he may decide that Linux is for the best.
>> Help me :o)
>> I'll have about 10 minutes, probably less, actually, make it 5 mins 
>> :o), to
>> convince him. Start typing lads and lassies :o)
>> Daniel
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