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I understand the editing of each individual user's menu. I had already read
the very site that you referred me to, earlier this afternoon.  The SuSE
configuration is slightly different than the Fedora, in that they place the
files in different locations.  The instructions on the SuSE site do NOT work
in Fedora.

 What I want to do is create some sort of default so that all users' menus
will be changed.  I cannot seem to find where / how the defaults are
created.  I guess I person could edit one test account and then save those
.kde files to /etc/skel .... but there are so many files that change, it is
difficult to determine what actually needs to be moved to skel and what just
gets in the way.  When playing with other kde settings, some of the files
moved /etc/skel later cause conflicts.

Of course your idea of group controlled "menu control files" is a great
idea, but I doubt that you are free to post your work to the public.


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Hi Joe :

Editing menus is done on a user per user basis.
At the FSD we put 'menu control' files in place each time a user logs on.
Those menu files are basically a bunch of xml's.

As a result user root has the full KDE, depending what a user's primary
group is a user sees a particular restricted menu.

This should get you going :




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