[K12OSN] Can't specify modelines in 4.0.1

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Sat Jun 12 18:27:49 UTC 2004

I had to enter mod lines for my mixture of monitors.  I noticed that you 
have not specified the hsync and vsync.  I'm not familiar with you 
particular monitors but putting those in may help.

Caleb Wagnon wrote:

>Not knocking the produce itself...but I never made the move to the ltsp 4x
>series because I've never gotten it to work with any of my hardware here. I'm
>giving Fedora a shot at redemption and playing with 4.0.1.
>I have *got* to specify the modelines for these proprietary thinknic monitors
>or they won't work. Whenever I add my line it gripes about a parse error way
>on down in lts.conf. (my addition may be around line 9 but the parse error is
>somewhere further down). No matter what I do nothing works until I remove the
>modelin addition. Here is my addition:
>X_MODE_0           = "800x600" 60.21 800 840 1040 1120 600 602 614 640
>I think Jim tried to help me out with this before and told me my parse
>problems were with the changover and quotation mark usage. However, I never
>could get this line to work and thus had to move to WBEL and old school ltsp.
>I'm hitting this again to see if someone can help me figure this out.

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