[K12OSN] Linux kernel DoS exploit -- don't need root!

Terrell Prude' microman at cmosnetworks.com
Mon Jun 14 18:57:45 UTC 2004

Hello folks,

I don't have read-access to my K12OSN folder, as I am at work, so if 
this has already been announced, my apologies.

There is a newly-discovered bug in the Linux kernel versions 2.4 and 2.6 
(nearly every version on nearly every distro) that will lock a GNU/Linux 
box.  All you need is shell access; *you do not need root*.  That means 
that any rambunctious kid could lock your K12LTSP server(s)!

Yes, there is a patch.  I don't know if there's a Fedora-, WBEL-, or 
RHEL-specific update at this time.

Here's the link:



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