[K12OSN] VNC Terminal Services Prototype!

Sudev Barar sudev at mantraonline.com
Wed Jun 16 00:40:40 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 21:14, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Petre Scheie wrote:
> > WTS and rdesktop (RDP) *are* nice and do work well.  However, as 
> I don't suppose there is any plans down the road of a "backgrounded X 
> session" running?  The actual way WTS works is very nice (not talking 
> about optimizations, etc, just the connect/disconnect idea) and it seems 
> that VNC working that way would be nice -- BUT VNC is not the same as a 
> native X session.
> Anyway, I jumped on this thread very late, but had to throw my 2 cents 
> in. :)
> -Shawn
Again jumping into thread very late but "screen" command does something
similar. You can start a program log out and come back and connect to
the same screen. I learnt of this a couple of days back and am exploring
possibilities this offers while running on thin client. Something
similar to what "wget -b" does in downloading web.
At command line $man screen
Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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