[K12OSN] Sound on Mac Thick Clients

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Thu Jun 17 14:24:34 UTC 2004

All, but directly to Eric as well, who gave me the "off the cuff" 
attempt at getting sound to work on a mac thick client:

Ok, the command "esd -nobeeps -tcp -port 16001 &"
works great.  The computer tells me it's accepting connections on that 
port.  Upon connecting to the server via X -query, however, I get no 
sound when doing an "esdplay file.wav" -- I get no errors, but no sound 
as well.

So, I have tried to figure out how the X session tells esd to send sound 
far away.  I found on a working *actual* thin client, typing "env" shows 
one of the settings "LTSP_SOUND=Y" -- so I tried to export that 
variable.  Still no dice.

I tried to send the sound to the server with esdplay too, using:

esdplay -s file.wav   (.250 is the "thick" client's address)

and I still get no sound.  Is port 16001 the default port?

I don't think that running X -query ever polls the lts.conf file, so 
setting the SOUND_DAEMON = esd there I dont' think will help.

I'm in over my head, does anyone have any suggestions?  esd is working 
perfectly on the mac, and I can play sounds locally.  I am so darn 
close.  :)


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