[K12OSN] Membership and Donation Software

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Sat Jun 19 23:25:35 UTC 2004

Timothy Legge wrote:
> I recently converted the staff at a Boy's and Girls Club to LTSP.  

Very awesome. :)

> Any ideas?

Sorry for the, "That's not an answer" type reply...  While I don't know 
offhand any software for that type of thing, sourceforge is your friend 
here.  Generally, if you can THINK of something, someone has started a 
project on sourceforge for it...

"Beware, there be monsters here.."

Many sourceforge projects don't make it past the planning stage, so you 
have to look past that and find something that fits, or *almost* fits 
your needs.  Since it's open source, if something isn't exactly what 
you'd hoped -- you might be able to adjust it to fit your needs.

(ie, customer contact database instead of the membership database you 
spoke of...  the former would probably fit the bill nicely, even if it 
wasn't designed for such a thing)

Good luck, and if I've completely confused you -- feel free to contact 
me offlist for my even more complicated explanations. ;)


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