[K12OSN] Using K12LTSP in Afghanistan

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Mon Jun 21 14:44:15 UTC 2004

I've been asked to prepare a presentation on using K12LTSP in a training
center in Kabul, Afghanistan.  A small NGO is setting up the training center
and when I told them about how it is being used in schools I was asked if
something like that could be set up in Kabul.  There are lots of hoops to
jump through before any decisions are actually made but I'm excited about
the possibility.

Does anyone here know about any Dari (Farsi would do) internationalizations
or translations of software available for Fedora/RedHat?  I found I18n
information on KDE.org so I'll contact folks there but wondered if anyone on
this list has experience using K12LTSP in a Iranian language locale.  I also
found www.farsikde.org that looks promising except for the fact that it is
all written in Farsi ;-) Note that I only speak English an don't expect to
be able to learn a sufficient amount of Farsi to be of any help.  I will
have native speakers (and readers) helping me but I'm expecting to be the
only technical person on any team that is set up.  Any pointers would be

Feel free to contact me off-list if this seems too off-topic.


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